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20 June, 2013

the next level

Watch this

If you haven’t already seen it yet, check out John John’s craaaazy air at the Oakley Pro in Bali yesterday.

I’m not too sure if anyone has really ever landed an air rotation that high before in free surfing – let alone under the enormous pressures of a WCT contest heat.

It certainly highlights that the sport will continue to be pushed into the air (what say do we have about it anyway?) and that future world champions will largely be decided on any given year by who injures themselves the least.

If you’re anything like me, airs are super difficult. But even if you’re trying a simpler credit card air (an inch above the wave), here are a couple of surf lessons on how to manage the approach:-

-approach on 45 o angle
-no major bottom turn required
-hold a crouch position as you aim for the lip
-store the energy – this is not a power move

Then to launch, your cue is this:-


Just as the front half of your board travels above the lip, vigorously draw your front knee up towards your chest (suck and tuck). This is the critical action to allow the board’s forward momentum to be converted into upward movement – and to stay with you underneath your feet.

Stay centred.

Grab the rail if you’re new to it. (Yes – that means you.)

Don’t flat land. Land in the softer, breaking foam.

It’s pretty easy really. I predict that after reading this post, hundreds of you will be punting JJ type airs all week long.

Then again I was wrong once.



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