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6 January, 2012

Make a New Years Resolution

Happy New Year! This year you can just simply goof off, go surfing, have fun and that’s just dandy. Good luck to you. However if you want to make progress and crank your performance up a notch, then it will … Continue reading

4 November, 2011

I Used to Hate Swimming

Right now would you believe, I find myself land-locked 200km inland in the intriguing city of Marrakech. I’m here for a fairly important conference on Tropicsurf duties. Meanwhile a five-metre swell is about to hit one of the world’s best … Continue reading

17 October, 2011

How old?

I had the privilege of having dinner with Occy recently and asked the 46 year old legend whether or not he thought he was surfing better with age or was he past his peak? Occ remarked that in certain conditions … Continue reading