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19 July, 2012

F = ma

Isaac Newton wasn’t a surfer but he probably should have been. For surfers who like a little bit of speed in their lives, the good news is that you can pretty much learn how to attain it whenever you like. … Continue reading

25 November, 2011

You Need a Small Wave Quiver

For a long time I didn’t surf. I lost interest because the waves were often too small, fat and nothing to get excited about. But I changed that by expanding my quiver. I really love Joel Tudor’s philosophy to surfing… … Continue reading

12 November, 2011

Hail the King

I’d always picked Kelly for ten. But never eleven. I mean who does that kind of thing anyway? Seriously… the guy is incredible. In fact I’d argue a case that Kelly Slater is the greatest sportsperson of all time. From … Continue reading

28 October, 2011

The High Line

Next time you don’t make a section, it’s possible that your line of trim was too low. Most of a wave’s speed is up in the top third. Here it’s more concave, therefore steeper. Steepness creates speed. It even looks … Continue reading