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24 April, 2014

Back Foot Back

In all my years of surf coaching, I’ve observed that the majority of beginner to intermediate surfers never really discover the potential power of their back foot mojo. Stomping your back foot right back onto the tail is the number … Continue reading

27 January, 2014

chest over front knee

You might never drop into a Mavericks big wave bomb like what went down the last few days on the new Big Wave World Tour at the Body Glove Mavericks Invitational. But guaranteed at some stage in your life, you … Continue reading

16 December, 2011

build mileage

Oops … I think I missed a week. Sorry about that. I thought I had it covered while I was away. I was on a Tropicsurf trip in the middle of nowhere. Must have been having too much fun. We … Continue reading

2 December, 2011

Look and Learn

It often amazes me how many surfers sit out of the back and watch waves coming towards them, but don’t think to visually follow the wave from the back as it peels down the line. This is how you learn … Continue reading