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28 May, 2012

Do this

Do this. Why? You shouldn’t have to ask by now. How? You shouldn’t have to ask by now. What do you see here in this Surfer Magazine image of Dane Reynolds? Look very closely. The big spray is obvious. But … Continue reading

10 February, 2012

Volcom Pipe Pro

Some of you might have just watched some of the online heats from the Volcom Pipe Pro. I love that stuff. Now you might not be planning to go surf big Pipe and mix it up with Jamie and the … Continue reading

28 January, 2012

Back – Heel/Toe

This week I summarize the 80-80-80 rule and send you on your way to master the simplicity of it all. Remember: 80% of surfers 80% of the time 80% of your turns You should aim to: Shift your weight back … Continue reading