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30 August, 2014

Directional Arms

At the recent Billabong Pro Tahiti, on a finals day when nines were practically throwaways, John John Florence went ballistic in the Quarterfinals, hitting a 9.80 out of the gates. Take a look at his arms in the photo below. We … Continue reading

24 April, 2014

Back Foot Back

In all my years of surf coaching, I’ve observed that the majority of beginner to intermediate surfers never really discover the potential power of their back foot mojo. Stomping your back foot right back onto the tail is the number … Continue reading

27 January, 2014

chest over front knee

You might never drop into a Mavericks big wave bomb like what went down the last few days on the new Big Wave World Tour at the Body Glove Mavericks Invitational. But guaranteed at some stage in your life, you … Continue reading

21 September, 2013

beginner surf lesson

  Beginner surf lesson 101. The dreaded nose dive. I saw it on some poor, hapless fellow this morning at my local. Small wave, big board, straight down the mine shaft. It was funny the first time but not the … Continue reading

31 October, 2012


Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve just been on vacation and I must apologize for not posting to this blog in a long time. A vacation for me often means no surfing and that’s what I just did. But … Continue reading

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