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15 July, 2013

supersize me

Perhaps you are a frustrated beginner just learning to surf? Or maybe you are already a samurai sensai trying to teach your friend/kid/partner/dog how to surf – and they are getting dis-heartened with their progress. (Maybe even yelling at you heaven forbid?!?!?)

It’s a quite a tough sport to learn right? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard the same old story … ‘well I tried once but I wasn’t very good at it … the waves were big, I got hit by the board, and I nearly drowned…

No matter how many times I teach a beginner how to surf, I am always reminded of the number one rule of thumb:-

Small wave – big board!

The value of a big board for novices cannot be over-emphasized. To learn any skill, humans need repetition. Tropicsurf senior sensai, the right honourable Adman calls it mileage. Improvement comes with mileage. In surfing it’s difficult to cheat the system. So if the beginner is not going out and catching say 10 or 20 or more decent rides on their feet every session – then you/they probably have chosen a board that is too small.

If they are on a 7’6, try an 8’6. If they are still falling off, try a 9’6.’ If they are still falling off, try a 10’6. If they are still falling off, try an 11’6. If they are still falling off try a stand up paddle board. And if they are still falling off, call in the navy.

Don’t muck around here. Whatever it takes, upsize until they are getting a high wave count, staying on their feet and have a huge smile on their face.

Frustration is not productive. You’re far better to down-size later from a solid base of success rather than expect to claw your way upward from butt-kickings-ville.



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