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31 October, 2012


Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve just been on vacation and I must apologize for not posting to this blog in a long time. A vacation for me often means no surfing and that’s what I just did.

But I’ve now parked myself at Hossegor, France for a few weeks and went surfing the other day for the first time in over a month. The maximum temperature was only 7 degrees but I managed to survive and get my mojo back. Hence this long overdue blog.

Speaking of mojo, one Robert Kelly Slater found his yet again just a couple of weeks ago here right in front of the house I’m staying in. In some epic La Graviere beachbreaks, Mr Slater racked up his 51st tour victory in a tube riding fest narrowly beating an on-fire Dane Reynolds in the Quiksilver Pro France.

Here’s a snapshot from the world’s best and what I want you to think about is ARMS:-

What I like best about this illustration taken from the ASP Quiksilver Pro web video, is the hand jive. It’s a classic illustration of the point that wherever you position your arms determines (in part) where your weight is. And where your weight is, that’s where your board will move towards.

In the image, you’ll see Kelly’s board is trimming down a bit too low (which means his nose is pointing downwards too much). So to correct, he lifts his leading arm and points it both upward forward. This weight shift in the arms will in turn steer him upwards and forwards, thereby becoming slotted in the tube and exiting safe and high (instead of crashing and burning by dropping too low … which is what will happen unless he makes this adjustment.)

So whether you cruise on a longboard or smash it on a shortie, beginner surfer or local shredder, this week think about your arms. Move them. Notice what happens. Where does your weight shift to? How does your board respond.

For example:

-Point them and you’ll steer that way
-Lift them and your board might rise upwards
-Lower them and you’ll anchor weight and secure a rail
-Rotate them and you’ll turn

Subtle but effective, I hope it helps you find your mojo too.


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