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6 January, 2012

Make a New Years Resolution

Happy New Year!

This year you can just simply goof off, go surfing, have fun and that’s just dandy. Good luck to you.

However if you want to make progress and crank your performance up a notch, then it will require a little focus and discipline.

There are plenty of surfers who have been ‘having fun’ for twenty years but still surf the same, make the same mistakes and do not improve. That’s all well and good. But the fact that you’ve subscribed to this blog tells me that you are seeking a higher state for your surfing life.

Success driven people set goals and plans for their achievement.

Why not set yourself some surfing goals for this year? Maybe you want to get your first barrel? Or a really big one? Or your first nose-ride. Or your first roundhouse? Or your first overseas trip? Land your first air? Become more flexible? Surf more often?

Once you’ve set your goal write it down as an act of commitment. No softing out now. Put a time frame on it.

Then the important part is to back-track a bit and write some practical steps as to how you will make progress in that direction. This is the nuts and bolts part because not a lot of great things happen without strategic action.

Here’s a very short and simple example:

Goal :- Get my first clean tube and make it out
When :- Some time this year
Steps – (How I will achieve this goal) :-
• start freestyle sprints in the pool to increase my paddle power
• form a habit of taking off deeper on every wave
• practice and master my pigdog stance on dry land
• travel to spot x where the waves consistently barrel
• keep watching My Eyes Won’t Dry DVD and visualize myself getting pitted
• practice good tube stance repeatedly by pulling into small, close-out tubes
• practice stalling, trimming high and surfing in a low, centred stance
• book a tube riding clinic with Tropicsurf

You can make it a lot more detailed. This is just a short example.

The point being that unless you actively take steps towards what you want, your surfing will meander along with limited improvement. If you are hungry to surf better, you need to actually do some focused practice time – both in the water and out.

Feel free to share your goal with me and I will try and write some tips that could help as this year’s column progresses.


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