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8 January, 2015


I just surfed my local point of Noosa. It’s always entertaining observing the common and varied species of arm flappers.

Here are just some of the frequently observed variety:-

The Discus Thrower – Utilizes the widest, broad arc, swinging arm possible in order to generate speed in the most unstylish of manners.

The Over-arm Brawler – Unconventional overarm air punches allow the surfer to wind up speed and momentum across the face.

Reverse Moon Walker – The exact arm movements Michael Jackson used to perform his moon walk are cleverly performed in reverse. Subtle yet non-effective without music.

The Stretch Corder Exerciser – The reverse pull-back defies gravity and logic and efficiently destroys any positive forces of leverage in the turn.

The Ten Pin Bowler – this surfer walls across the wave swinging the trailing arm through and under like their life depended on ten skittles at the end of the wave.

The Double Arm Ten Pin Bowler – rarely seen but always enthralling to watch. This genus swings both arms through and under concurrently. Not easy to do.

Then there’s me. I’ve been known to do all of the above at times. It’s not pretty and I ain’t proud of it.

The best cure that I try at times is to surf a wave with my hands hanging limply by my side. Shoulders dropped. Doing nothing.

It feels liberating. Less is more remember.

So next surf – please check your arms. Put your hands down. Even behind your back if you have to. Look cool. Look casual. It may not be as entertaining for the on-lookers, but do it for yourself. Good style requires less effort.


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