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10 January, 2014


Here’s a tip (if you’ll pardon the pun.)

A friend of mine was surfing at our local recently. Caught in the shore-dump with his longboard, he put his finger through the leash string (the nylon cord that attaches legrope to surfboard plug) to hold the board close. Unfortunately the board twisted around and around with the wave, pulling the cord very tight on his finger. So tight in fact that it sheared his finger clean off!!!


So the moral of the story is don’t do that.

Instead, turn turtle, grab the nose or hold your leash. Do anything to hang onto your board – just don’t grab the nylon leash cord with your finger.

If anybody happens to find half of a finger floating in the vicinity of Sunshine Beach, please let me know so we can return it to its rightful owner. No high hopes though. In his own words, by now it’s probably ‘fish food.’


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