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28 September, 2013


A Surf Lesson About


I was watching this short video of surfing in the capital city of Male, Maldives. Lots of airs and crazy old music by TSOL from my hey day. It’s called Mild Vase by Toby Cregan and features rippers such as Chippa Wilson.

Anyway, Chippa’s last move in the video is pretty radical. It looks like he has no chance of success but he eventually makes it successfully.

It got me thinking about belief.

When you are looking over the edge of a steep take-off, what is running through your mind?

When you are just learning, frustrated and struggling to get to your feet, what is running through your mind?

When you are falling sideways down from a six-foot high lip trying to land a floater, what is running through your mind?

When you’re deep in a barrel and it’s getting dark all around you, what is running through your mind?

During these times of vulnerability, we tend to think negatively. Eg: “I’m not going to make it”. “I’m going to get axed”. “Damn…I always get worked in this situation.”

However when you honestly, genuinely, deep-down believe that you are going to make it, and then you affirm positive statements to yourself, then it’s amazing how the end result can end up differently.

Positive thinking makes a difference to the final outcome.

Next time you’re looking vulnerable, change your self-talk. Use words like “I’m gonna make it”, “this will be fun”, “I’m going to land” or “I’m coming out.” I promise this shift can make a major difference to your success rate.

Don’t focus on what you expect or what’s happened in the past or what could go wrong. Focus on what you want.

Also – your brain often remembers the last thing you say so make sure that last word is a desired outcome.



A Surf Lesson About Belief

surf lesson

Chippa WIlson believing for it!

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