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28 January, 2012

Back – Heel/Toe

This week I summarize the 80-80-80 rule and send you on your way to master the simplicity of it all.


80% of surfers
80% of the time
80% of your turns

You should aim to:

Shift your weight back and simultaneously engage the tail rail by tipping the board onto its side using either your toes or your heels.

How do I shift my weight back?

-Step back foot back towards tail more
-Make sure your back foot is above the fins
-Lean your body backwards towards the tail
-Bend back knee

The more weight you shift back, the sharper will be your arc. So learn to trust it. Lean back and get the sense of almost surfing on one foot only.

How do I effectively weight my heels or toes?

As you shift your weight back, then almost simultaneously, you should tip the board onto its edge with these simple movements:

Forehand = Toe-side turn = bend knees, push knees down towards water, roll ankles, weight toes and balls of feet, lift heels up off the deck. Ensuring that you have more weight on your back toes than your front toes will allow the turn to be sharp and smooth.

Backhand = Heel-side turn = sit down into an imaginary lounge/sofa with your knees bent and bum down, roll ankles, weight heels, lift toes off deck. Ensuring that you have more weight on your back heels than your front heels will allow the turn to be sharp and smooth.

That’s it guys. It’s so simple.

80% of surfing technique is right here. I cannot stress it enough that you master these fundamentals. With the ability to properly engage your tail rail as your base skill, you can add a broad range of fine-tuning and finesse that will allow you to really lift your performance.

Remember – no effort is required. Just technique. Master these two subtle techniques and you’ll be on your way to more radical turns with smoother style.


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