Ross Phillips.


That’s me.

How am I supposed to write about myself and try to convince you that I know what I am talking about without coming across as a total tool. Hmmmm…. Well here’s a brief bio:-

Born – 22/8/1968
Home – Sunshine Beach, Australia
Married to – Diane (happily for 20 years)
Religion – Christian
Countries surfed – 25
Waves fallen off – 1,097,325 (roughly)
Injuries – how much time do you have?
Fav. breaks – Haapiti, Kandooma, Honkies, Maccas, HTs, Riskies, Secret Tahiti, Tea Tree, Boulders.
Fav. boards – 6’0 CI Fort Knox, 8’6 Laguna SUP, Wegener Alaia, 5’6 CI Fishcuit
Fav. music – Muse, 70’s, 80’s, new, dance, U2, Midnight Oil
Likes – Empty waves, adventure, trekking, my I-pod lists, fitness
Dis-likes – Arrogant, pushy or hypocritical people. Oh … and big faceless companies

Now you know all about me, here’s something a bit more relevant to this blog:-

-Hard core surfer for 33 years
-Professional surf coach for 24 years
-Diploma Physical Education Teaching
-Owned a surf school in Noosa 20 years
-Authored accredited Australian surfing instructor course
-Personal coach to former male world u/16 champion surfer
-Personal coach to former WCT number 2 rated female
-Founder and director of Tropicsurf
-Founder of surfbetter.com
-Producer of Surfing Made Easy how to DVD
-Twice voted Australian Surf School of the Year
-Former professional judge
-Personally coached thousands of beginners and intermediates in numerous countries
-Incessant traveler
-Founder of 1% for the people
-Yada yada yada….

Anyway … enough of that. At the end of the day, I’m just an ordinary surfer who frequently kooks it. But I really loved surfing and travelling so much so that I decided to perfect the art of surf coaching. This was partly for my own benefit, but also because I get more pleasure in sharing with others than I do surfing for myself. Weird huh?

I hope you enjoy my free blog and that you learn, improve and find your perfect wave as a result. I also offer consulting services to resorts, surf schools and surfers as well as sell an unsurpassed range of e-learning products.

Happy surfing.


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